Getting my Nexus 10 to charge again ?>

Getting my Nexus 10 to charge again

Sarah started a masters in TESOL, recently, and we wanted to give her something to use in class that she could carry around easily that would take some basic notes and be useful for readings.  We’d had a Nexus 10 sitting around that I’d meant to use for my aborted grad school experience and it seemed like the best solution for this situation, too. Recently, though, it stopped turning on and would only ever show us the charging symbol for…

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Our Bodies, Our Hearts, Our Software ?>

Our Bodies, Our Hearts, Our Software

I don’t really keep up with the various Linux conferences that happen now and then, but I certainly follow various free software planets, which generally filter the good stuff out for me anyway.  Something that slowly made it through my filters recently was Karen Sandler’s keynote address at the Australian Linux Conference, where she, unsurprisingly, talked about the importance of FOSS software.  The part that was surprising, though, and really hit home for me, was when she started talking about…

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Link Dump Week of August 22 ?>

Link Dump Week of August 22

Page Dewarping Overview of algorithms for converting a warped image of text (e.g. from a photo of a printed page of a book) to a clean, black and white version. Wish I’d known more about this in school, though I probably wouldn’t have had the time to make anything with it. Looks like a fun weekend project. Writing Less Damn Code Just a bit of a (justified) rant on the complexity of some solutions to web problems. Mostly here to…

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Cool futuristic Art ?>

Cool futuristic Art

Entered [2016-08-01 Mon 09:15] Sarah showed me the Work of Simon Stalenhag, who seems to do work of a futuristic/crumbling relics of consumerism/world-controlling technology nature. I’d suggest taking a look! It reminds me of the War of the Worlds movie around the middle of the page.

Finally fixed my phone ?>

Finally fixed my phone

Entered [2016-05-15 Sun 10:32] I like to tinker with things, I own. An important part of deciding to buy any given device is that I can tinker with it, take it apart, install whatever hobby OS on it I like, &c. I’v generally been delighted by my Nexus 4 phone, which I’ve had for perhaps two and a half years and is my favorite smartphone so far! Recently, though, Google stopped providing android updates for it (well, I think they’ll…

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Clack Static Asset Middleware ?>

Clack Static Asset Middleware

As part of my glacial march to get Knttl running the way I’d like, I wrote a middleware for the clack web framework to help me out! When you’re serving javascript and css files for a website, you want to inform the browser to keep a local copy as long as possible, because then it won’t bother your webserver to download it again and the page will render faster for your users, too. There’s a popular quote about programming There…

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We Can Has Doggle ?>

We Can Has Doggle

I have been a bad blogger lately, as always, but there’s something worth throwing a few words onto the internet about. We’ve adopted a dog! A little over a week ago, we took a trip out to the North Shore Animal League America and adopted a very mixed breed dog who we’ve named Wedge after the legendary starfighter pilot from the Battle of Yavin (and the X-Wing series of books that I loved in my teens). It only took us…

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Literate .emacs with org mode! ?>

Literate .emacs with org mode!

Entered on [2016-01-03 Sun 12:56] For a while now, I’d been meaning to convert my .emacs to the exciting, new style using org mode’s literate programming capabilities. I’d been impressed by the clarity of Sacha Chua’s and, while I haven’t quite hit that level of cleanliness, yet, I feel much better about how mine looks, now. I also started using John Wiegley’s use-package, which I don’t completely understand, yet, but it seems to be a real boon for cleaning up…

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First wikipedia edit! ?>

First wikipedia edit!

Entered on [2016-01-03 Sun 12:45] I was working on my typing practice, today, learning the Colemak layout, and came across a small typo in the Wikipedia article on Morris Engines! It was a simple typo (form -> from), but I decided that was a level I was comfortable contributing at. I didn’t notice there was a checkbox for minor edits like typos on the submission page, so I fully expect someone to crawl out of the internet and point it…

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