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He's not drunk, he just acts crazy
posted on 2009-07-21 16:57:00
I'm not drunk, I just act crazy is the name of a blog with a whopping 3 entries. That said, they are very bizarre entries, and all are concerning a certain Jack Terricloth, of a certain Brooklyn-based punk-soul-jazz collective.
De libris senes novosque tempos
posted on 2009-07-20 23:25:00

Made charts today which I had to patch together in the GIMP because gnuplot can't plot different equations on different ranges. Also, it's multiplot environment was so bizzarely confusing that I couldn't manage to get anything worthwhile out of it. I may not have been using it for the right purpose. Also in free software, I was looking for and e-book reader - something that would seem somehow like a book, with pages and whatnot, which I suppose I could do with some sort of PDF, but I want to read things which are mostly from project gutenberg and are in formats that I don't know about (aside from text and html, which are boring). Most of the programs I found were lackluster in that they looked like they were written in the early nineties or segfaulted. This saga has yet to be finished.

I wanted to read Beowulf both because of this past weekend's watch all of all of the extended Lord of the Rings movies, wherein a friend was talking about how the books are influenced by Beowulf, and because of the song by the Mountain Goats called Grendel's Mother. I wonder if the epic poem narrative can still be used today. I think it's a very powerful form, and would love to try and make something of it, but I might need to study things like Beowulf and the classical epics a bit more before I can make any sort of worthy attempt.

My linux can do what your Mac/PC can do
posted on 2009-07-09 19:44:00
Just recently got to try out gnome-shell, which is one of the coolest new things I've seen in linux lately. Right now, it's really just a new window manager with a really crappy dock/app-launcher hacked on, but, I think if those get replaced with some other technologies out there, it could be pretty amazing. I'd like to see gnome-do wired into the app-launcher and Zeitgeist is supposed to be integrated at some point.

Importantly (to me), it has exactly the level of eye-candy that neither metacity nor compiz had. There are nice animations and smooth minimizing of windows - things that are less flashy than compiz, but more flashy than metacity.

Right now, things crash fairly often for me, but, today's checkout has held up all day. I'm hoping that, at some point, I'll find some time to contribute to it.
de pictas
posted on 2009-07-09 19:15:00

I have been learning more than I anticipated I would about gnuplot lately. I've been making up figures for a professor's paper (for which I've been doing research this summer) and now that we're down to the near end, there seem to be a fair bit of specifics involved. I've also picked up some useful abbreviations:

originalshort form
xrange, yrangexr, yr
l, p, lplines, points, linespoints

It's been especially useful to have found out how to make plots shell script style, a la:


set terminal postscript eps enhanced color
set output "something.eps"

set size square
set xr [-1:1]

plot exp(-x**2) ti "woo"

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