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Stuffed Tomatoes!
posted on 2009-08-23 04:30:00

Finally got to do some cooking today, using the new veggie cookbook I got. Made tomatoes stuffed with rice, cheese, garlic, and basil. They were delicious, and now I want more...

Nec Somno Nec Loquor
posted on 2009-08-23 02:05:00

I finally went through with my idea to make a C library for dealing with RESTful web interfaces. I have called it libunrest, because of their annoying nature. It can already talk to and, and it will work for facebook once I decidee how to implement specifics of signing. I'll have to completely redo signing if I'm going to support oauth, which seems to be even vaguer than the REST interfaces I've already looked at. I've been working on this in hopes of getting rhythmbox to be able to use discogs, and to update the plugin to use their new, RESTful API. It's also fun to have code hosted online. I like gitorious.

Too aptly named
posted on 2009-08-12 07:11:00

When I set out to make a C library for simplifying interacting with RESTful web services, I named it "unrest" after all the angst that I had dealing with facebook's API (working on cl-facebook). Now it's 3AM (started working around 10:30PM), and I just ran my program for the first time without segfaulting. Hooray for apt naming. For posterity, I'm including the response here.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <lfm status="ok"> <token>8f13b0dc95fbfff4a29701b1e91f385e</token></lfm>

Good night.

de deos pietosque
posted on 2009-08-05 10:28:00

Who today tells the stories of the gods of old? The ones who walked amongst men and women and did all manner of things to them. Who were wraught with jealousy and ire and lust and compassion. We've lost the gods we made of ourselves - the Aeneas's, the Achilles's. Can we not have science and still tell stories?

Japanese learning continues apace. It is nice to have a good chunk of time and a half decent textbook to learn from. I can already consider saying things like ”いぬはテレビのまえあります。” This is an exciting state of affairs to say the least.

unum res plusquam
posted on 2009-08-05 05:44:00

I would also like to mention e-blog, which is the new tool that I am using to blog with. It is really awesome, and runs out of emacs, which is also awesome!

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