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Robin Learns Esperanto
posted on 2013-03-08 08:50:26
What do you call a word when its pair stops existing?
posted on 2012-03-30 02:45:19
I was sitting here on the train, thinking about the word hard drive. I believe it's short for hard disk drive, which had a partner in the floppy disk. What do you call it when a word is part of a dichotomy, and it's partner vanishes?
de deos pietosque
posted on 2009-08-05 10:28:00

Who today tells the stories of the gods of old? The ones who walked amongst men and women and did all manner of things to them. Who were wraught with jealousy and ire and lust and compassion. We've lost the gods we made of ourselves - the Aeneas's, the Achilles's. Can we not have science and still tell stories?

Japanese learning continues apace. It is nice to have a good chunk of time and a half decent textbook to learn from. I can already consider saying things like ”いぬはテレビのまえあります。” This is an exciting state of affairs to say the least.

Of Punks and Phonemes
posted on 2009-03-16 04:17:00

On Friday the 13th of March, I finally got to see Propagandhi in concert!I was not sure what to expect from my favorite Anarchist, Feminist,Anti-Fascist, etc. band, but they certainly didn't disappoint. I knew the music would be good - and seeing them in concert only drove home the notion that they are actually rather good at what they do. The speed and variety of music they play is, I think, really quite impressive. That said, Jord looks intense enough while playing to be very convincing as someone very invested in what they're doing.

I was also happy to see the AK Press being tabled by a local, communal bookshop. I bought a copy of The Modern School Movement: Anarchism And Education In The United States, which sounded really neat. I'm interested in education reform, having been at the mercy of the US education system for some years now, and sometimes finding it wanting for common sense and sympathy.

I've also been excited in linguistic areas, having been loaned a copy of げんき Volume 1, which, hopefully, I'll learn some 日本語 from.I've also been trying to read Der Dichter by Herman Hesse, in hopes of getting a better grasp on German grammar through experience. We'll see how that works.

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